E Cig Use And Maintenance

tank-cleaning-terminalsEver since the entry of the e cig into the market, cigarette smoking is now considered safer, hygienic and health friendlier. The e cigarette is a technological device designed to help cigarette addicts curb their addiction by providing a cleaner and safer means of providing nicotine to the system. A standard e cig basically resembles the standard cigarette but comprises a small liquid nicotine reservoir known as the cartridge, a battery pack, and an atomizer.

When puffed on, a sensor in the electronic cigarette activates the battery which heats the coil within the atomizer. The hot coil then turns the liquid nicotine into vapor which moves through the trunk of the device before being released to the users’ mouth. As such, what a user gets is a puff of nicotine minus the harmful tar associated with the standard tobacco cigarette.

However, it is important to know that an e cig can present a risk to your health if not well used and maintained. It is therefore important that it is used, cleaned and stored in the right way for it to be safe for your personal use.

E cig use

The e cig is not a communal device; it is intended to be used by only one person. As you have to puff on it, it is imperative that you clean your e cig often and store it in the right way. This is important as it lowers chances of disease distribution and contraction. The great thing is that most e cigarette makers make and offer these devices in a pack that offers extra accessories and a storage unit. Once done with your electronic cigarette, it is important that you store it in this unit for safekeeping. This lowers chances of your e cig getting contaminated by other external factors making it safe for use and is hygienic.

E cig Maintenance

As an e cig smoker, the maintenance and cleaning of your electronic cigarette will always be important. However, it is essential that you handle this in the most professional way possible. To avoid spoiling your e cigarette, always ensure that your cartridge is filled; this way, you can keep the atomizer from burning up.

At the same time, it is essential that you take apart your e cig from time to time for a thorough cleaning. When handling this cleaning task, it is important that you use the suggested cleaning agent and wait until the whole device is dry before using it again. Always ensure that the battery pack is charged for efficient use; on the other hand, it is advisable to have at least two battery packs for you to enjoy your e cig without too much of a fuss.

By following these simple tips, you improve your e cig’s longevity and hygienic standards- making it safer to use for the long run.