What Are E Cigs?

Society was first made aware of the dangers of smoking nearly 30 years ago. Up until that time smoking cigarettes was seen as something glamorous and many Hollywood A-listers could be seen in movies and on television lighting up cigarettes. People are now more aware that smoking is dangerous and can cause irreversible health issues. It is also bad for the environment.

Companies have led the way with gums and patches; now there is a new product on the market called an e cig or electronic cigarette.

These cigarettes look and feel like traditional cigarettes but they offer advantages to smokers that regular cigarettes cannot. They release a smoke like vapor but they do not contain tobacco. Users can still inhale the vapor but harmful toxins are not released into the smoker’s body or into the air. The result is a healthier alternative for both users and the people they socialize with.

What Makes Up An Electronic Cigarette?

There are several components that help to make up this type of cigarette. One of the most important components is the nicotine cartridge. These cartridges contain liquid nicotine and the nicotine vapor is released into the smoker’s system in mere seconds. This is compared to the several minutes it takes for nicotine to be released through patches.

The cartridge must be activated by an atomizer that is battery powered. There is even a LED light that is located at the end of the cigarette that simulates the glow that real cigarettes emit when a user inhales.

The Nicotine Cartridges Vary In Strength

You can purchase the nicotine cartridges in varying strengths. They are available in:

• Full strength
• Half strength
• Low Strength

The purpose of the different types of cartridges is to reduce the user’s dependency on the nicotine. If the smoker begins using full strength cartridges their goal may be to use low strength or no cartridges at all.

The Benefits of Using an E Cig

The major benefit for smokers is that they will be able to get their nicotine fix at a quicker rate than when they use other forms of smoking cessation products. They can also mimic holding and smoking a cigarette when they use an electronic cigarette. This is something that cannot be done when using patches or gum.

These types of cigarettes also provide a financial benefit to users as well. Compare the cost of a pack of cigarettes to one nicotine cartridge and it is difficult not to see the savings. The average cartridge is equal to almost 500 cigarettes.

Be Aware Of Imitations

Just like other popular products there are less than reputable companies that are manufacturing imitation and fake e cigarettes. These fake cigarettes can create numerous health issues. Make sure that you are familiar with the electronic cigarettes that you want to buy and make sure they are manufactured from a reputable company.

As electronic cigarettes gain in popularity you will see many more smokers using them in clubs, bars and restaurants. They are not harmful to the user and they do not emit second hand smoke that can be harmful to others.